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Sunday, December 5, 2010

TPM #2 (Feuds)

Sorry it's been so long between posts, Mid-Quarter exams are rough. But they did provide me with a new TPM idea. A student of mine recently came up to me after a mid term exam and expressed that there was a feud going on about my class. I was confused and asked him who was involved in the feud. He told me that it was a feud in his head about whether or not he should stay in my class. At first I laughed (feuds have to be between two or more people right?) but then I realized I may be being naive and that the word feud may have a broader definition than I previously thought. Whatever the definition of feud, this incident inspired me to think about the great feuds of all time which will be the topic of my upcoming posts.


  1. Interesting. It can have more than one meaning.

  2. Lol I'm going to use the word feud now